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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Women Have A Type & Preference In Guys They Choose, Know The Difference

in Her Types or Preferences

All women have a TYPE.

All women also have a general preference of their perfect guy.

They have a picture connected to their feelings of their “perfect guy” and they will go for nothing less than that guy.

You can read a small survey of 401 women which I asked about their perfect guy type here at DiaLteG TM but it only reveals their preferences.

Now, even if a certain guy doesn’t match up with that perfect picture, they will often refuse or make something up so it seems that way to them.

All a guy has to do is trigger a few things which make it appear like he’s the perfect guy for her and she’ll do all the rest herself.

Meaning she will ignore certain preferences or talk her way through them because it’s my belief that a deep attraction developed over a period of thought, will easily override any preference.

A lot of the time, as years pass, if she can’t be with him, or wasn’t allowed to be with him because he rejected her, or she slept with him once and he used her, or was with him for a while but they broke up or even if he doesn’t realize she even exists…

She will continually search for that TYPE.

She may easily get hooked on the one guy she can’t have or wants and will rarely or never stray.

Her type is important to her because it’s the one type who makes her feel something emotional, sometimes irrational, and is pretty much un-explainable to her or to most women. There are always exceptions.

Her type is also based on many factors as she ages to maturity and they stick with her forever.

I’ve seen women who were married for fifteen years suffer a major breakup with huge amounts of drama, still searching for the same type she married in the first place. Now all that goes generally because some women do step out of that circle and change. My point is not as negative as it sounds.

A good point is though, even if that type is not her perfect counterpart, or will never lead to a happy healthy relationship, it does NOT matter.

She will continue to try to make it work because that’s how she FEELS and not much can or will ever change it.

Over time, as her preferences changes, which is normally different from her type, or her goals become different ( from just dating to relationship to family goals ) she will still find herself drawn or attracted to that TYPE again.

Once more, all her TYPE has to do is trigger enough to make her feel something like a deeper level of attraction and she will quite literally make the rest up herself.

Take for example a few women who have fallen hard for me over the years.

I’m a realist for the most part. I know my strengths and I know my weakness and nothing amuses me more than when I meet a woman and I’m her type how she will continually see me as better than the person I really am with regards to talent, age, strength, sexual dominance, etc.. You get the point.

Honestly, I could last two minutes inside her and sure she’s thinking that was quick and how she’s had guys last longer BUT wow, I get to hear how NO guy has eve made HER come so quickly.

Strange how that works isn’t it.

It’s because I’m HER TYPE and she has an emotional connection to me.

HER TYPE may be genetically ingrained and may be designed to help her MATE. As “animalistic” as that sounds, mating and attraction have been around longer than speech and words. It’s been around longer than the human race and is genetically passed down even as humans have evolved to our modern world.

Within our brains lives a younger less advanced brain and within that lives an even younger brain to which the most recent has evolved from. Inside we ALL have the same makeup designed to help us procreate which came about before social norms, modern media, even speech, etc…

Wherever it’s by sound, sight, body language, weird mating rituals, there’s a dance for every species on the planet to make it happen naturally AND to weed out the less fortunate or less likely to be capable of advancing to the next stage through our offspring and their offspring.

In other words, it’s NOT a perfect system but the odds have proven over time, it WORKS or else we wouldn’t be here.

Women have a type of guy they develop and begin to feel a deeper level of attraction for and under most normal circumstances it’s not the definition we give to “nice guys”.

Before things get really confusing met me make these important distinctions:

  • What she prefers or her preferences is generally what she SAYS she wants or looks for in a man.
  • Her TYPE is the guy she actually finds herself falling for and will override her preferences when a deeper attraction is triggered over a period of time.

If you’re not sure or unclear about it then think about how many women say they want a “nice guy” but never find themselves actually attracted to the nicest guys in the world and we’ll get into more of that later.

Do you know what type of guy you are and is it a type women generally will feel something for?

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  • Dontknowwhoiamanymore

    I’m the type of guy who has changed his type for women all the time. Meet one girl, start doing things I think she would love. Years and years later I’m finding it hard to figure out who I really am.

    • Peter White

      Losing oneself a very common thing for a nice guy to experience. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I think it’s time to start focusing more on yourself and making yourself happy despite women. They actually want a guy who can do that anyways.

      It should not take long to find yourself once again. You didn’t go anywhere. You just gave up the things you probably loved to appease women. So… start doing things that make you happy. Enjoy yourself. It’s about time.

      You’ll be fine.

      Best of luck,

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