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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Why Is The Angry Nice Guy So Mad?

in A Nice Guys Limited Beliefs

Too many nice guys are angry and I’m not convinced it has much to do with money or careers.

So WHY are they angry?

What makes the nice guy so mad it often destroys his inner self piece by piece?

Is it the women who turn him down or reject his niceness? Does knowing this supposed rare and wonderful “trait” gets him practically nowhere with women?

Is it the guys who get most of the females he wants so badly? How the assumed 10% of guys sleep with the majority of women which leaves him barely nothing to choose from or worse yet, stuck dealing with the aftermath of her bad relationships with those guys? Only to have them run straight back to him or some guy like him?

We ALL know at least one guy in the 10%. He barely does anything and women flock to him. He’ll sleep with them. Maybe stick around for a while. Maybe she’ll care. Maybe she won’t.

The result is always him sexing his way through a gauntlet of women the nice guy feels he could never have. He (the nice guy) is always too late and by the time he even makes a move that ten percent-er has already been there, done that, and probably moved on to the next unsuspected woman.

We want to believe it all is true but I give lots of women more credit than that – they know – Ohhhh they know.

Do nice guys really deserve something such as a really hot chic just because they believe they’re better than someone else?Does A Nice Guy Deserve Some Hot Chic? What Makes Him Better?

Still, it makes him even more mad than he was until he finds a way to deal with it and just move on… or not.

Some deal with it by turning against women – blaming the hotter females for their bad choices.

They won’t admit hating women but since it’s always “their” fault, one has to conclude that nice guy just hates ALL women in general. Worse yet, that nice guy just isn’t “bad” enough to be in the top en percent yet he still believes you have to be an ass to get some good ass.

Guess he’s mostly wrong.

Some deal with it by hiding away – inside they blame women but on the outside they use their nice guy image to shield themselves or make others believe they’re “better” than that. How it’s an unfair world but a world in which their morals of higher beliefs sort of makes them better and anything less than that would destroy them inside.

Some deal with it by a constant search to sleep with women he feels are below him. The types he wouldn’t want to be seen with. The women who “might” love him but don’t seem to expect anything more than sex – because they too – are the female equivalent of the angry nice guy who just wants to be close to someone nice enough to respect her outside the bedroom.

Who knows, maybe the last one has more to do with looks than anything else.

The angry nice guy is all too prevalent in our society. So much that he has been labeled and pre-packaged as the “basic” brand of man. With old sayings and adages all centered around desperation, neediness, a people pleaser, always finishing last, and on the list goes. I’m sure you’ve heard them all especially if you’re one of them.

Me – I’ve been through all them. I’ve hidden my anger. I’ve closeted by misogyny at times. I’ve tried the bad side. I even came close to sleeping with women who I felt were not good enough for me, you know, just to get freaking laid and feel somewhat close to a woman.

I have even done the opposite by refusing year after year to NEVER get close to a woman who I was not physically attracted to because I was just too “nice” to use her just to get off.

I have even sworn off ALL women numerous times in a declaration as if it was some stupid new years resolution which I secretly hoped I wouldn’t keep.

I used romance as a tool like it was going to get me something only to become more angry when it didn’t work even though I definitely knew writing some cute poem or love song or dabble in floral arrangements wasn’t going to change her mind.

Yet the nice guy has to try, doesn’t he? Without trying he only feels lonelier because at least while the mind is occupied doing something, there’s less time to think negatively while the quiet loneliness consumes him.

Alright, enough of what we already know.

If you’re an angry nice guy… why?

Did you or DO you believe you are supposed to “play nice” because that’s who you are even though the benefits don’t seem to pay off?Do You Think Being Nice Is Why You’re Not Successful Attracting Women?

What does it for you the most?

What does it to you to while hiding it away?

Why does this internal conflict do to you? That is (conflicted) because you’re TOO nice and it doesn’t feel “right” to be angry because well, being mean isn’t a nice thing, is it?

Questions aside, I have the answers or lots of solutions which have helped me overcome the anger inside.

Some of them are at the core of the nice guy approach and how we can finally see that it’s NOT our niceness which stops us from attracting women.

It’s a whole lot of other reasons and which CAN be solved.

Being angry or feeling life is unfair to us is an emotion which is going to happen to EVERYONE more or less at some point in their lives.

It’s not restricted to the nice guy.

It’s NOT a nice guy monopoly.

The “supposed” bad men who steal the hearts of the women we adore and would cherish are NOT using evil to get ahead or “get some head”. At least the majority of them since granted, some do.

…if you believe “she” only goes for jerks instead of you, that does not make them jerks and it certainly does not make them better or worse than you.We Hate When Women Call Us A Nice Guy

Underneath, or the attraction which is triggered in women typically lies beneath their destructive ways. It’s NOT a direct “this means that” thing and it’s certainly NOT logical.

Beneath the surface of what appears to be happening exists why and how it happens and most of the time there is something which releases the same attraction or feelings in women which doesn’t require hurting someone else or playing mind games to achieve success.

Instead of trying to quiet the anger, downplay it, hide it, pretend it’s not there, use it as an excuse, or go at it directly as if we have control over feeling something because of something else beyond our control it stands to reason…

To become less angry – we only need to erase the cause of the anger and to stop adding guilt to feeling something which is perfectly natural.

Start today by signing up below and I’ll show you lots of ways the three main characters – The bad boy, the player, and the jerk attract women with their mostly negative means and how any nice guy can do it too while stripping away the destructive nature.

It’s may not solve all your problems. We’re just going to mainly deal with your relationships with women.

BUT like me, you have to start somewhere and if you were like I was, I’m sure you don’t want to be the angry nice guy anymore.

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