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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Why Attracting Several Women Works Better & The Benefits Of Choices

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This “Nice Guy Approach” means to attract many women and is not intended for any one woman specifically.

We want to increase the attraction which is felt by lots of women even if it’s only in a very small way. A little something’s better than nothing, right? Well believe me or not, it IS.

Personally I would rather have lots of women want me and not one wanting me way too much and although it’s an Ego thing and a desire to screw lots of different women, there’s more going on here which can help us become more attractive men because…

This “one woman” thing seems to be a real problem for nice guys which is why it must be addressed and solved one way or another.

My past had me (while still checking out every hot woman I saw) going from one woman to the next. We’d connect. I would befriend her in some way. We’d grow closer.

Then, without fail, ALL my attention and energy went into getting her.

My feelings felt like love but I’m positive it wasn’t.

Just an early first stage attraction mixed with an infatuation and sprinkled with obsession brought on by various “manly” defects which centered around women:

  • A lack of real choices.
  • A less than varied social life which centered around being where women were, who would never want me.
  • Respect from friends (men and women) but less than attractive status from women.
  • Confusing romance and attraction. Couldn’t tell them apart and believed romance could create attraction. I was wrong.
  • An urgency, call it “neediness” or desperation to have the girl who was the “woman of my dreams. If it wasn’t true I would convince myself quickly she was despite who she was.

…And those are just a few which came off the top of my head but I’m convinced created lots of failures in attracting women.

If we have no real choices, or choices we actually want, lots of problems occur:

We put too much emphasis on her making her feel pressured and perhaps exposes how she feels about herself.

Our lives revolve around her which in a way hands our masculine role to her while stealing her femininity. We’re hoping she’ll take charge when she’s wondering why we are waiting for her. Yeah, not an attractive combination to say the least.

We give her absolutely NO reason to believe she must compete for us over other women. Something which amplifies her attraction and as a nice guy you might not believe in or want, is essential for a woman to feel a deeper level of attraction.

We will contact her too much. She might believe we have no life outside her. She might know everything about us too quickly and our mystery quickly disappears. We become boring predictable and advertise “relationship” way too early.

We will, sooner or later, feel like we must declare our love to her before it’s too late. Almost like if we’re basing her attraction to us on how we feel about her and as if it’s going to make her suddenly want us back.

Well, trust me, a woman can become literally obsessed over any guy who feels nothing more than a physical attraction towards or even less!

We might feel like we can not do any better which lowers our confidence and has us acting pathetically desperate. Even if it’s in an unconscious way.

Actions we might not see but most women are very intuitive at picking up.

We give her all the power to decide our future for us. Handing our attractive power to a woman is directly related to turning off her attraction switch. This power is not control and knowing the difference is very important.

She won’t feel all that special. Without choices how is she supposed to believe our feelings are genuine. Think about it. When we direct all our energy and attraction to one woman and SHE doesn’t feel that attractive herself, what does that say about her.

Given even one choice between two women and choosing one over the other states something very clearly to her… she IS special.

She’ll believe she can have us any time she wants which makes us appear easy which in turn lowers our value. Lower value combined with lower status and a boring social life does little to compel a woman to want to be in our lives.

How does it feel when a woman teases you? How much power would you feel if you could tease a woman?

Not many nice guy are willing to tease her or make her wait or even let her believe for a while we’re not sure where we want things to go with her can become a driving force and raise her attraction over us.

We’ve only touched upon this “lack of real choices” problems and want it means to nice guys and why it’s such a huge problem.

This is why any approach, any tactics we choose to use, any lifestyle we set up for ourselves, and ANY hope to be the most attractive version of ourselves, despite the niceness we have inside, must also satisfy and support…

The ability, the skills, the need, the desire, the confidence, the willingness to allow it to happen “naturally”, to be able to create even the smallest amount of attraction in as many women as possible even if we feel little or nothing for them.

Being a “nice guy”, are you willing to do this?

Is it something you want?

Does it go beyond normal male sexual desires?

Do you agree that “attracting the masses” , even if you don’t take advantage of it, has clear benefits and can turn any nice guy into a more attractive guy?

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