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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Welcome to the Nice Guy Approach to Attracting Women

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“How You Can Use What The Bad Boy, The Player, and The Jerks Do To Create Attraction – And Still Be A Nice Guy”

Those “not so nice” men often posses destructive core personalities which draw women in (mostly) by accident and all too often these women are NOT limited to having low self-esteem or like to be punished…

Many of them are stable, intelligent, and beautiful women.

This is because at the root of those men exists triggers of attraction and if you don’t know how to use those trigger to YOUR advantage – then your nice guy ways are limiting your ability to stimulate her attraction towards YOU.

In this series I intend to show you how and why their methods, accidental or not,  work so well for them. I will then show you how you can remove the undesirable effects and integrate them into your nice guy attitude.

The Jerk, the Bad Boy, the Player, And the Nice Guy.

You’ll get a definition of each of those types. Your definition may vary but for the purpose of this series I have separated them into how I see them and how each of them attract women.

IMPORTANT: This is highly sensitive information.

These “lessons” can be used negatively and this is not something I will ever condone.

Each category of men create and/or amplify attraction as a side effect and often the man creating it doesn’t even realize how it works for him or cares to know why. All they often care about is that “something” is working for them.

If you use this information to become a more mature masculine man, you too can create attraction as merely a side effect to your own passionate life.

This, in part, encapsulates the entire concept behind The Nice Guy Approach to Attraction.

By using this approach to the best of your new abilities you will find:

  • You do not have to become the jerk whose disrespect may be perceived as indifference.
  • You do not have to become the bad boy whose rebellious lifestyle is often seen as pure passion.
  • You do not have to become the player whose manicured and manipulative tactics are occasionally viewed as having experience.

Once you learn how each create attraction through their personalities you can strip their negative parts and you WILL ATTRACT MORE WOMEN.

“Integrate the positive pieces into your life and inject them into your personality and you can appeal to any woman’s emotional state of mind, which is a major step in getting to her to feel attraction towards you.”

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy the series.

We’ll get into more later and you’ll be getting the second chapter very soon.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I might not be able to answer all your questions or even some of them, but it always helps to get it out and can help me better change my approach in the future.

Your Friend,

Peter White – The Nice Guys Approach To Attraction.

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