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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Tried All The Approaches & Women Really DO Want A Nice Guy

in What Women Do Want

You must know, or I’m telling you… I’ve been on every side.

Sure I’ve always been a nice guy inside but there was a time I actually tried to be the jerk.

Now that I’m in a place where I could literally “play a woman” I do struggle from time to time staying on that good side.

You’ll be the first to hear about those so stick around and sign up below or to the left. They can get interesting. Through them hopefully I’ll show you as much as I can about staying nice – and still “getting the women” you really want but never have been able to succeed in doing so.

I’ve tried the rude approach. I’ve tried the bad boy. I’ve tried the jerk.

But I can honestly say “being nice” has, by far, given me the best and most rewarding results.

You’ll have to know or understand there’s difference from being a pushover and being nice. You’ll have to understand your own masculinity too.

You’ll have to admit your wants and desires before you can begin to notice the difference between a nice guy who attracts women, and a nice guy who probably only ends up in the friends zone.

And you must always remember all this…

Just because a woman disagrees with you on something does NOT mean she’s not attracted to you.

Just because you piss her off doesn’t mean she will never feel attracted to you.

Just because you stand up and say, “No.” to her does not mean she will hate you forever.

You see women DO want a nice guy.

She just can not help to feel little or nothing for a guy who won’t lead their own lives.

Or feel deeply over a guy whose life revolves around her or other or all women. A man who doesn’t challenge her or most importantly…

Is in constant fear of his insecurities and acts on them with jealousy and blind rage. ( Something which transcends ALL your relationships with women.)

I‘ve studied men and women for years now. I’ve lived through every sad pathetic story. I’ve practiced everything I can show you and I’ve failed more times than most men… Not because I’m a master (which I’m not) but ONLY because they’re too afraid or scared to try something new or just something different.

No matter how nice you are if you’re too afraid to try, women will never feel much attraction for you. They will happily settle for the jerk or bad boy who at least faces his fears daily.

Taking risks and I don’t mean ones which could cause you harm shows women you’re a confident guy who can handle failure and of course reap the benefits of success maturely and responsibly.

I suppose it’s just part of being a man, a person, a human, or whatever you are. 🙂

So why bother letting her (or women) settle for guys like that when she can so easily want to be with you instead?

Any stable women with an ounce of self-respect who feels strongly about herself will always hope beyond anything you can ever imagine that the next guy who comes her way…

Is a good guy who “does it” for her.

Now you just have to become that guy – on your own terms and not hers. ( Or even mine! )

I’ve got a little lump in my throat writing this because I’m excited you decided to see you here. As it grows around here, make sure you sign up for some valuable info, check out DiaLTeG TM which is the beginnings of the nice guy approach and go ahead and sign up there for some really cool free stuff to help you with women.

You may not like or agree with everything I can show you or what you’re going to read, but I promise to always give you the real side of attraction…

Women DO want a nice guy – they tell me all the time.

Women who are generally not nice themselves, have major self-esteem issues, whose life is un-managed and full of drama, whose stress level rises at the drop of another woman’s eye…

Well they don’t want a decent guy like you. You’ll only waste valuable time chasing them down just to have your heart pounded on and broken.

For example…

I once believed I was in love with a girl who “appeared” to be going somewhere. It was her persona. In reality she had major family issues, ran away from home early on, etc.. Could never finish anything she started. Always put her body out there to get things, blah blah blah…

Well she didn’t like herself very much but she wouldn’t admit it.

While I was falling for her and believing her excuses were real, she was busy hooking up with any man who could prove to her just how pathetic she felt about herself.

She’s never going to find a “decent” guy she feels something deeper for until she changes how she feels about herself.

Sure she’ll find plenty of nice guys who are willing to give her anything she wants – but she’ll never sleep with them. She’ll never BE their girlfriend.

Unless she does some seriously major “inner” work on herself she is destined to be miserable in every relationship she enters. One after the other.

What you’re going to learn about attraction is, when you meet a woman whose looks are amazing, and every part of you literally yearns for her, she will ultimately feel that same gut level attraction for a guy who makes her feel like she feels about herself.

There’s much more to it and we’ll get into all that. Attraction and how a woman feels it and when she feels it is not logical, and her process can be highly complex.


The great part of attraction is, creating it IS simple. Triggering it doesn’t require complex moves, dangerous feats, or cleverly “long played out” mind fuck games.

Now back …

If she has a plastered perfect persona but on the inside is a terrible wreck – she’ll always manage to find the one guy who validates how she feels about herself…


You’re a nice guy and you want a nice girl who wants a nice guy, then you must risk throwing away your current beliefs about yourself for something better and you must MAKE it happen.

The sad truth is, and I know this from so many failed experiences with women, if you’re not attracting the women you DO want, then you’re doing something wrong.

But that’s okay.

Because now you know what NOT to do and you can begin to learn what exactly to do in almost every interaction with women.

Women do want a nice guy BUT he must make her feel something more than just a friendly connection and it’s up to you to make that happen.

This, 20 Nice Guy Tips On Attraction, is not a complete list but I cover some of the basics to look for and to start fixing. Read through it so you can gain a better perspective on this whole nice guy thing. It won’t be duplicated here so you’ll have to check it out DiaLteG TM.

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About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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