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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Building A Social Life, Step 2 – Are You Meeting Single Women?

The Nice Guy Approach To Building A Social Life… PAGE 2:

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What do you like to do and are you meeting single women while you’re doing it?

I understand it’s tough to think about your social life (well really just strange work) and how it’s even more annoying to have to go through this shit when you really only want to attract women or be a more attractive man but never forget this:

Your social life, what you do while you’re doing it, who you are in contact with and how you interact with them, how many new women you’re meeting for potential dates, your general status or how others perceive you, AND of course how you see yourself will do one of two things…

Increase your success and give you a fuller dating life with many experiences, choices, and opportunities OR…

Keep you relying on luck, perfect circumstances, settling with women you don’t really want, and leave you with absolutely no control.

My pathetic not-so-private secret is that my social life wasn’t the worst and I enjoyed what I was doing (passionately) BUT it never put me in a position of high status and it never gave me a never-ending stream of mostly available women to choose from.

So I knew THAT HAD TO CHANGE if I was wanted to better my relationships with women.

While I was working on other things which are extremely important like understanding attraction, how it works, how to create it, developing a new look, ridding myself of limited beliefs, building my confidence and esteem, and learning how to talk to and with women I took a close hard look at my social life.

I asked the right question which some are brought up on page 1: What’s Wrong? and then asked myself and others questions about the key ingredients to building a successful social life.

Take a few minutes to answer these very same questions about your social life for yourself to know where you’re at and where to go from here:

  • Are you meeting single women consistently?
  • Where are single women most likely to be?
  • Where are the women you’d like to meet or the types looking for and want to share or do things with.
  • What do you think they do or what do they like to do?
  • What do YOU like to do?
  • What are some things you like to do which you have put off from trying?
  • What is your budget or what can you realistically afford?
  • What are some places you can frequent or be put on your schedule which will help you build a larger social group?
  • Have you searched you local area for fun places to visit?
  • Do you find yourself stuck in a routine which has you not meeting new people?
  • What was the last fun thing you did and who did you go with?

The key to all this “thinking” or “writing down” is to relate it all to meeting single women naturally AND accidentally. The truth is if you’re only going out to get laid, which is fine, you might not open up any new relationship opportunities AND your next focus must be in seducing women.

But that’s the beauty of all this.

Whatever you want, whatever your goals are, where ever you want to see yourself, CAN be achieved IF you have a plan which puts you in the right places at the right time.

Me, I wanted easy sex with a possible girlfriend.

Bars and clubs seemed to take care of the easier sex route and online helped me find a girlfriend.

BUT on the side something else happened:

The friends I was making opened up new avenues to explore and I followed the ones I liked. Those opened up new things to try and new people to meet. Outside the bars and clubs my focus was on building a robust list of friends to do things with and I was less concerned with getting laid.

I realize it all seems so obvious and maybe it is a little too simple or maybe you’ve thought of it yourself before but decided to do nothing about it, but I’m positive when you ask those questions above you’re bound to find something new and possibly something you didn’t expect.

Remember to WRITE THEM DOWN. Share them below if you want that way you can what others are saying once things get rolling.

The purpose is to:

  1. Set up a social life or existence where you’re comfortable, happy, eager to do or energetic over, AND passionate about which includes things both men AND women enjoy.
  2. Know exactly what type of women you’re looking for. Figure out where she’s most likely to be… and go there.
  3. Open up a social network to make meeting women (and people) a natural easy part of your life.

Again, it’s no secret this “step” may be obvious and might even feel like a waste of time in the world of attraction BUT that could not be further from the truth.

How do you know how to get somewhere or to get something if you don’t know what you’re looking for, where to find it, and have a plan in place to get it?

Trust me when I say your social life IS the easy part of attraction and going through step 1 and 2 and asking the right questions and then following through with clear answers will automatically give you an attractive boost to women because…

When you have a life which might be only slightly more exciting than “her” and your life stops generally revolving around women AND  you do NOT advertise that to her (avoid arrogance at all costs), well that little excitement she assumes you’re a part of will increase her curiosity, give her more to think about, make her wonder about you, and she’ll more likely to want to be a part of it.

What do you like to do? What are you passionate about? Is it something where you’re most likely to find single women?

Leave your answers or suggestions below and while this page is still getting out there… here are a few articles I wrote or posted outside The Nice Guy Approach to get you started: Don’t Pay For Her Attention! Fun Date Ideas & Better Dating Techniques32 Great Date Places – Where To Go and Meet Up With Her and The Cheapest Places To Meet Women Even If You’re Under 21.

(Outside resources page is here. Get help from the people who have taught me)

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