The effect of the nice guy label and how it means so many good and bad things. Hate being judged, labeled, or categorized. What and how “You’re such a nice guy but…”did to me. The anger, the hatred, a closet Misogynist , and more labels. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t let others define you one way or another.

Women want to be seen as more than just a body. Men are typical and are only into how a woman looks. Women reject guys for the same reasons they refuse to date a nice guy. How many hot women do you see hooking up or with guys who are unattractive? Truth, fact, myths or stereotypical bullshit? Here’s how I see it.

The nice guy is supposed to be nice. He wouldn’t use a woman just for sex. Here’s all the crazy stupid things I did to get the girl which never worked making it impossible to use them. But was the excuse of love or getting a girlfriend really just a lame attempt to get laid.

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