You’ve loved lots of women over and years and they never did love you back. They have shown you this and you can use it to your advantage starting today. You have not hit rock bottom. You’re just in a different, better, stronger, more attractive place. Thank them, say goodbye, you’ve got place to go and women to meet.

On the outside you’re all so nice to women but inside your head, there’s something else going on. These four simple words you call women is how you probably really feel and it makes you mad because you’re supposed to be a good guy. It’s always her and never you. Losing faith in yourself and now you’re feeling numb.

Her first impression of you means nothing if you know how to handle it. This is how it’s done and if you don’t learn it, you’re going to fail her test. She’s hitting on you. She’s testing you. This is how to pass it and have fun doing it too. Before you try to prove to her who you really are – read this or you’ll fail.

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