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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

A Few Reasons She’s Attracted To Jerks & How It Can Work For Nice Guys Too

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It’s a belief that women (more or less) fall for the quiet or silent type or the guy who is far from the so-called overly romantic nice guy.

So… should the nice guy bury his feelings to attract more women?

Is his overly emotional states the main cause of his inability to attract more women or is something else going on?

Let’s take the typical jerk.

He tends to be an unstable emotional wreck with fits of rage and anger. Poised on the edge of yet another confrontation. Maybe someone looked at his girl. Maybe someone looked at him funny. Maybe someone just cut him off in traffic and he seeks vengeance without hesitation.

The women who find themselves with or attracted to this type of guy (aside from her own personal problems) is obviously NOT into the strong silent type. (Disregarding the idea a jerk may be silent about his deep inner feelings towards her or women in general.)

When we strip away the negative edge from the jerk, for this one instance, it appears the separation between him and the nice guy (with regards to attraction) becomes quite clear.

Confrontation. Fear. Avoidance.

The nice guy tends to avoid confrontation. Whether it’s because of fear, avoidance, or trying to make everyone around him happy and it’s obvious women find this trait highly unattractive.

Not many quality women will ever ask a nice guy to succumb to fits of rage or start fights wherever he goes BUT they do want “their” man to stand up for himself or herself under everyday normal circumstances.

It’s a highly attractive trait to have a belief and stand up for it.

It’s a highly attractive thing to act from strength and not to cower in fear.

It’s an extremely attractive trait to confront ones problems, fears, or generally less threatening areas where hiding or running seems to be no less harmful than staying.

Passion and beliefs don’t have to be negative and ANY “nice guy” who is passionate, believes in himself, and stands up for it all while at the same time showing he’s not afraid of confronting those who go against it can and WILL be seen as attractive.

If we assume the nice guy tends to be more overly emotional than the rest, than we can also assume his passionate drive is there.

For him to squash his emotions because he might believe he must become the strong silent type to “get laid” goes against his core character and will eventually destroy his good nature.

Why fight something which is a good thing when it can be used positively to become a more attractive man.

The “jerk” proves it but it doesn’t mean you have to become that jerk.

Confront your fears.

Show strength and resolve.

Rock the boat once in a while and enjoy the queasy sensations it creates.

Let me make this clear – This is NOT something which needs to be done on purpose.

Don’t create bullshit and drama that’s not there just to please a woman because it’s not going to work the same way. You’re only showing her that you’re still a “people-pleaser” who needs to feel safe all the time.

In our lives, life will hand us all we need to confront. It will throw fearful moments, confrontations, tense moments, and more.

There’s no need to go looking for trouble.

However… Sometimes we must find our fears and stand up tall to them and use that courage positively. That’s just not the same thing as looking for trouble just to prove to women you’re a man. I’d say that’s more of a jerk move anyways.

Do you want to be a more attractive man and still be one of the good guys?

Use what we covered today:

  • Face some more fears you’ve avoided.
  • Confront where in the past you stayed away from because it may cause a tense moment.
  • Follow your passions with strength and resolve them and discover even more.

Women are naturally attracted to men who have these traits and it’s something any nice guy can do everyday.

Whether someone sees it happening means nothing. Your character will begin to show it. Your confidence will be felt by women and others too. It becomes a part of who you are which is HOW all this “nice guy approach” stuff and WHY it works so well.

The concept is simple – work on your inner self (on the side), learn how to communicate different to women attractively, and you won’t ever have to play games, be a jerk or asshole, or become so bad boy to attract lots of women.

Thanks again and get to it,


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