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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

The Reality Of Attracting Women: Being Nice Is Bad & Real Men Can Be Good

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Thanks Orlando and I’m sorry but I don’t normally allow links in my comment area. I’d be more than happy to publish a unique helpful article which would include a link back to your site. It appears lots of nice guys might be interested in what you’re teaching.

Now as for the top 2 or 3 traits women do like about nice guys…

Just because women “say” they want a nice guy, just because they might like or get along a few of those traits he has… creating attraction is much more important AND effective.

“Creating attraction is easy. It’s primal. It’s natural. It just happens.”Nice Guy’s Dream Come True, Attracting Women Comes Easy

I don’t think many of his “nice” traits will ever actually create attraction. They may set him up to be a guy who is better suited for her in a long-term relationship but he still has to get in with her first.

We always hear women say they just want to meet a nice guy but since being nice has little to do with attraction, it’s not always good to give the top 2 or 3 traits women actually like about nice guys.

I would rather tell a nice guy to just stop being so “nice” and start being something else because let’s face it – being overly nice is just another form of manipulation which normally serves a selfish purpose anyways.

The goal must be this if any “nice guy” is to achieve success with women: Become a REAL man who just happens to be a good guy.

It’s not just a play on words but a real distinction between how two men might act which separates them.

Women LIKE that a nice guy will respect her but she can also HATE how he doesn’t respect her choice to not date him, because she’s not feeling anything.

Women LIKE that a nice guy is (normally) attentive to her needs but she can also HATE how he puts her needs before his in the early stage of dating. As if she needs to be treating like a child who isn’t capable of being an adult.

Women LIKE that a nice guy won’t act rude or demanding but she can also HATE that at times it appears like he lacks conviction or is willing to stand up for his beliefs when it is absolutely necessary even when it goes against her.

Women become extremely attracted to REAL men who understand you can never “nice” a woman into feeling something. He respects her and her personal choices and that is what makes him a GOOD guy.

Women fall for REAL men all the time who are delicately attentive to her needs as a WOMAN. She will happily (although sometimes grudgingly) accept his needs are just a valid as hers.

A guy who is good doesn’t hand over his self-respect thinking she will like him more for it. A good guy is “good” because in that same respect, understands she is a capable human being who is willing to accept responsibility from their freedom of choice.

Women can not help but to feel something for a man with conviction. Someone who is willing to stand up for himself and push though the negative shit they encounter. Someone who also, through their conviction, shows passion and strength at the same time.

What makes him good is the fact he doesn’t push others to conform to his beliefs.

What makes him good is that doesn’t use that conviction to lower or demean other people because he understands his belief in no way makes him better than someone who doesn’t share his views.

Real men who create attraction CAN be good.

Nice guys have many good traits and sure, listing some of them might make a guy feel better about himself but it won’t change how he interacts with women and it won’t do anything to help him create that ever-important attraction which draws women to men.

Women are not drawn attractively to guys because they have nice qualities. If that was the case we’d see an entirely different world, but we don’t.

The “nice guy approach” is merely here to prove and show nice guys a not-so-profound truth that…

Real men can be good guys and can attract women without playing games or treating women like shit.

It CAN be done.

Thanks again for leaving me your comment Orlando and I trust you’ll find a way to get a hold of me for some future correspondence,

Peter White

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