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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

The Real Problems Of An Attractive & Beautiful Woman

in A Nice Guys Limited Beliefs

Nice guys, okay well (too many guys), tend to put “hotter” more physically attractive women on a pedestal.

This can easily lead them to believe that they don’t have problems associated with their beauty and can also have them thinking they are granted certain rights because of their looks.

We must admit we ALL have problems and some of them are similar but physically attractive women have their own set of problems unlike the “rest” of us.

Something “average-looking guys” like you and I need to fully understand before we can ever hope to become more attractive nice men.

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the inherent problems of being beautiful.

We are NOT doing this to bash, degrade, or put down attractive women.

What we want is to shed a limited belief that just because she’s hot, she’s exempt from having problems and just because she’s hot does NOT grant her special privileges at least to getting you or me in bed. 😉

Limited beliefs are ideas or (ways of thinking) which limits our ability to achieve some kind of inner and outer success.

“We lose faith in ourselves. We don’t feel attractive. We don’t feel special. We don’t feel “worthy” of HER…” Do You Think Being Nice Is Why You’re Not Successful Attracting Women?

We do not want to limit ourselves with the belief that just because she’s beautiful, does NOT mean she’s perfect and because she’s hot does mean she will have her own set of problems associated with beauty.

By doing this we can stay away from placing them on this unfair pedestal and help us to get past a few more nice guy problems of attraction.them.

We’ll be able to refine our perspective in a more positive way, gain a more natural indifference, and build a more secure foundation to becoming more attractive even if we’re not the best looking guy out there.

What are some of the problems attractive women have with regards to their looks…?

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes…

How would it make you feel if you knew others only wanted to get close to you because you looked good and not because you were a good person?

How would it make you feel to be hit on, even by the sleaziest people on the planet, many times a day no matter where you were or what you were doing?

How would it make you feel if people took your image for granted, believing you were special, different, or were given special privileges just because you were attractive?

How would you feel if you always felt pressured to live up to other people’s (superficial) expectations?

How would you feel if some people you didn’t even know hated you, just because you appeared more attractive than them?

(And that’s just a few off the top of my head if you have more feel free to add them in the comment section below.)

Now imagine being the most attractive woman you know…

Where ever you go, no matter how you feel, even if you’re visiting your sick Grandma in the hospital who you love so much… guys are always “checking you out.”

Someone is always staring at you and you don’t know if it’s in a good way or a bad way.

It’s hard to find a guy who doesn’t take your looks for granted and half your boyfriends turn out to be jealous freaks because they can not deal with other guys hitting on you.

If you dress down, leave the house wearing sweatpants and a “Hoodie” hiding your face with huge sunglasses because you don’t want to not be seen that day, you get dirty looks making you feel like you are only doing it – because you hate being good-looking. As if being beautiful is a curse where so many others despise it because they want it for themselves.

If you go out with your friends just to have a good time you know without a doubt you’ll have to reject a few guys that night because you’re not looking for a boyfriend. There’s no escaping it.

You also know it will either hurt them, they will take it too personal, or think you’re a stuck up bitch just because you don’t want them.

And again, that’s just off the top of my head.

What about her success at a career or job…

How does it feel knowing some people actually believe you only became successful because you look good and not because you’re smart?

People assume you’re dumb just because you’re attractive. They tell you should be a model. You should get naked to earn lots of money. They just can’t see you in a real leadership role.

The boss is always hitting on you. Hinting you could get further if you just slept with him although he’ll play it off as a “joke”.

IF you do excel in your career then you have to deal with earning even more respect because others assume you only got here, because of your beauty and not your brain.

We’ve only touched upon the inherent problems of being an attractive woman.

Are there certain advantages to doing this, or how does doing something like we’ve just done make us more attractive men?

  1. You’re less likely to take her looks for granted. You’ll hopefully begin to search for more  behind the pretty face. Something she’ll appreciate more.
  2. You can stop using “fairness” as an excuse for your failures. As in believing it’s not fair – she’s hot and has all the choices. Which is far from being true.
  3. You’ll start building a foundation of success based on a natural indifference and not a false belief if you ignore her she’ll like you more. There’s a clear difference between ignoring someone and having a real indifference. One is a more healthy way to attract, the other is not.
  4. You’ll gain a freedom and clearness of mind through a better understanding of the world around you which you are a part of.
  5. You’re less likely to take rejection from a beautiful women personally because you’re taking her looks out of the excuse pile for not wanting to engage with you in any way.

And those are just some of the advantages.

The ultimate goal is becoming a highly sought out man who does not grant himself to just any girl because of her physical beauty.

“Tell me how much it pisses you off to hear, see, or read about some hot chic who can’t find their true love.” Does A Nice Guy Deserve Some Hot Chic? What Makes Him Better?

Just like you might feel your shortcomings give you with certain obstacles to overcome, her attractiveness, when looked upon without a limited belief system can actually be an obstacle for her to overcome.

We must also understand that, as nice guys… kissing her ass, doing her favors, granting her privileges,  pressuring her to be something she’s not or doesn’t want to be, treating her differently or tossing her up in status, will NOT create the necessary attraction every nice guy must learn to do… if he wants to date more successfully.

Now it’s your turn and I will quickly remind you we are NOT doing this to bash, degrade, or make any beautiful woman feel less than anyone else.

The purpose is the simple human thing act of putting ourselves in the shoes of someone else to better understand a clear fact that…

NO ONE IS EXCEPT FROM LIFE and the obstacles we must overcome each and every day may be different (depending on who we are and our way of living)  they still exist for each one of us.

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  • Orlando

    I just found your site today. I really appreciate and respect your approach to dating. Too many men who have put women on a pedestal (like me) risk ending up disappointed (like me). It’s like we “chase the shiny metal object” just because it flashes. Never asking ourselves if in the long run it’s even good for us.

    What’s your opinion on compatibility in relationships like dating coach Evan Marc Katz teaches to his female clients?

    Great site bro!

    • Peter White

      Hello again Orlando,

      Your question or questions like this and Evan Marc Katz ( a guy who I do respect and recommend to women) might be best suited on my site just for women: http://www.whydoguys.com

      Now honestly I’ve never thought too much about compatibility in relationships. Mostly because I don’t claim or care to be any type of relationship coach. I rarely go into that stuff.

      I do suppose that if a guy wants a relationship to last, he must be concerned about it. More importantly he must be realistic about his expectations with women and the types of women he “goes” for, to avoid rejection because of it.

      With regards to everything, where being compatible IS important, I find that REAL communication is much more important. Two people who may appear to not be meant for each other can make it work and be happy IF they communicate with each other constructively. I feel one big reasons so many relationships do fail is because of a lack of communication skills.

      Thanks again for the compliment. I do appreciate it,



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