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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

It’s A Nice Guy’s Dream Come True When Attracting Women Comes Easy

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I believe I’m a nice guy.

I’m quite short. On the tall side of 5’4″ to be exact.

I’ve never been that good-looking although some might disagree. Judge that for yourself if you want.

I used to let women walk all over me hoping to get anything back from them.

I became good friends with the best of them hoping for” something” more.

I owned the friend zone. I lived and breathed it 24 hours a day.

But this is not meant to be a sad sobbing story of my failures, that is all in the past.

I’ve never been cheated on that I know of 🙂 . ( And obviously it was hard to get cheated on when you’re single haha!)

I’ve pleased every woman I have had sex with. Okay so if I have not, and she was THAT good a faker, props to her for the incredible performance. At least she was working as hard as I was.

I’ve been with some pretty amazing women and they all would literally bend over backwards to make me happy.

I’ve dated several women at once where in the past I was lucky to even have a woman flirt with me for real.

I have experienced relationships that were easy and ended without too much drama at all.

I have overcome my long limited belief that my height was a complete turn off to women.

All because…

I decided well over ten years ago get my dating and relationship life under MY control. I will admit the first few years sucked. I was terrible at figuring out women and spent most of my time guessing.

Sure it’s great to tell you where I’ve been, and how I got it all worked out but my inspiration will only get you so far.

You want something you can use.

And you want something you can use “yesterday”, right?

I know because I too went looking for the quick tips, tricks, and the free info. I tried to piece it all together hoping I would come up with my OWN plan.

After all, some of the stuff I was reading wasn’t for me anyways. I wasn’t looking to date the hottest chics in the world.

I just didn’t want to be alone anymore BUT I also refused to settle for a woman I could not honestly say, “I love You” and mean it.

I wanted this to happen…

I’m attracted to her. Boom!! And now she wants me.

Seriously, isn’t that what all us “nice guys” desperately want so freaking bad it hurts.

We’re tired of feeling like our relationships with women means we have no choice or say in the matter.

We’re tired of being unlucky, or in the wrong place at the wrong time, or meeting a woman and watching her suck up to some other guy.

We’re tired of literally feeling helpless at the seemingly sometimes shallow whim of any woman – we feel attracted to.

I’ve come to the conclusion that’s what all guys like us truly want.

And once we have that, then maybe we’ll move up to the next level.

Even if I’m completely crazy and I don’t have a clue you must admit…

Wouldn’t it be cool and make life a little easier if at least some of the women we were attracted to wanted us back?

No more chasing. No more bending over backwards. No more stupid silly games. No more trying everything only to fail miserably once again.

So rather than overload you with a ton of things to practice let’s keep it simple at first – and easy.

Let’s take care of this issue first.

Now I know this next piece of advice may not be what you’re expecting but you have to trust me. I’ve been through all the “crap” and I know the “real deal.”

Number 1: Stop TRYING to create attraction.

Whatever you’ve done in the past, stop doing it.

If it didn’t work before, it’s not going to suddenly start working today.

If it feels like you’re working way too hard, you’re probably doing something wrong and it’s best to figure that out early in the game.

Number 2. Pay attention. It’s time to open your eyes without clouding your mind with personal limiting beliefs.

You need to allow yourself the freedom to notice what is happening all around you, and what’s been happening right underneath your eyes.

Learn to live in the present by first making yourself aware.

If you see a couple don’t ask yourself “How could she want him?”, or “What does he have?”, or “How come I can not have that?”.

Start noticing the little things they’re doing which can help you gain a more positive energy.

Number 3. Get yourself a smile that says (very lightly) to women, “I’m not afraid of you. I’m not afraid of not being with you. You don’t scare me at all… no matter what you’re doing to my pants right now.”

Use that smile anytime you see a woman who does it for you.

A Soft knowingly smile, (like you are keeping a secret of hers and if she not nice to you, you’ll tell the world. Trust me that works extremely well!)

Sexy eye contact. Don’t over do it. Forget the stupid little winks or squinting eyes. Think this – “I bet she’s imagining me naked and liking it – Is she having a great day, a boring average day, or one of the worst days of her life?”

Your eyes will tell the story you’re confident and interested in her mind – not her body. Her looks are a bonus.

As an added bonus Number 4. It’s best to only make eye contact with a woman who looks at you first – no matter how hot you think she is.

Learn to refrain from “checking her out” too early on.

There you have it.

We’re keeping it simple.

Remember some things are going to be work. I won’t lie to you about that.


Creating attraction is easy. It’s primal. It’s natural. It just happens.

It’s all that inner game stuff which may be hard.

Or the transitions from meeting, to dating, to physical intimacy which a tougher to learn.

Creating attraction alone – is not,  don’t make it harder than it is.

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