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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Nice Guys Don’t Use Women For Sex or Do They?

in What You Do For Women

You know what… I’ve read and probably tried every trick in the book to get women “nicely.”

I’ve wined them, dined them, treated them how I thought they wanted to be treated.

Gave them enormous respect. Tried not to objectify their bodies.

I’ve proposed or declared that I would NEVER cheat on them and how it wouldn’t be all about sex with them. (Incidentally I was wrong because when I learned how to attract them it didn’t take me long to fail in that area.)


I’ve written them poems, gave them flowers and gifts, and did my everything to make them feel special.

I’ve befriended them in hopes they’d see me as some guy who was different. Special. A guy they could count on.

ALL in the hopes they would feel SOMETHING for me. ANYTHING to choose me.

Well the absolute truth was…

It actually worked once in a while. A few women did fall for me.

EXCEPT it was never the ones I wanted. It was always the women I settled with while the ones I was highly attracted to, remained far out of reach.

I didn’t run from a few of them. I accepted them for a little while but quickly realized it wasn’t very cool to keep them around when I wasn’t feeling that attracted to them.

Some of them I fucked. Some of them I didn’t.

Mostly I just let them chase and chase me until they gave up and let me alone.

Sound familiar????

Here’s some more truth…

I hated NOT feeling attracted to average looking women.

I couldn’t understand how guys could sleep with them let alone fall in love with the women I didn’t find attractive.

My standards were incredibly high and some women actually had the nerve to tell that. How if I would just date down I’d find a girlfriend much easier. Yeah, I know, tell me about it. That pissed me off incredibly.

Except from my “nice point of view”, the last thing I wanted was to get stuck telling a woman how beautiful I thought she was, or treat her like I treated my “real” attractions , when I certainly was NOT feeling that way.

The thing I dreaded or was actually scared of doing was, just after fucking her, having to tell a woman I didn’t love how much I loved her and how attracted I was…  when I really wasn’t!!!

You can see where that left me and how it made me feel and what it did to my “lack of sex life”.

I just couldn’t bring myself to lie to any woman just because I didn’t feel the same way she felt about me.

Remember, I’ve always been or believed I was a nice guy and…

Nice guys don’t use women just for sex or to have around… Right?

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