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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Is Becoming A Jerk The Answer To Attracting Women?

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Jerk Getting Kissed Attracting Woman

How many times have you listened to a woman complain about a guy she supposedly likes or is dating?

How many times have you taken what she was saying literally?

How many times have you wondered,

“If I could only bring myself to act like him I could have her, but it’s just not who I am?

In other words you’re too much of a nice guy to act like a jerk.

Over time your nice intelligent mind started to make you believe you are better than the jerk because you won’t lower yourself to their level.

“The Genius Failure Paradox” is the tendency for UNUSUALLY intelligent men to have very LOW levels of success with women and dating.

The Ten Reasons Why HIGHLY INTELLIGENT Men Fail With Women

This is exactly what I have told myself before,

“I would rather be lonely and single my entire life before I will settle with a woman I’m not attracted to. If I can not have the girls I want without being a jerk or playing games then I will suffer for my high values because it is who I am; and this makes me better than the player or jerk. If she doesn’t want me for who I am then she is not the person I want to be with.”

Of course we can state what we feel and even stick to our resolve but it’s doesn’t reveal the truth of the matter.

Can we without a doubt predict our success with women will actually increase just by acting like a jerk?

She says things like , “You don’t know him like I do.”, “He’s actually a good guy.” “He’s been hurt in the past.” – Does A Nice Guy Deserve Some Hot Chic? What Makes Him Better?

Think hard about this…

If you were to start treating women badly tomorrow will you finally get that girl you have always dreamed about?

Would women start throwing themselves at you?

And more importantly, what would it mean IF it did work… What kind of woman would be attracted to your new jerk attitude?

Maybe it’s my experience or based on what I’ve seen – aside from non-fiction or bullshit movies, I have NEVER seen a guy start suddenly acting like a jerk towards women and solve his problems of attracting them.

In each case where a man has turned his “dating” life around, for good or bad, the results came from different actions or a new identity or both up to becoming a hard-core player willing to play women entirely. (Not including the ones who give up and settle for any woman to have them.)

Let’s be real here.

With no actual data to rely on we’re just guessing.

History blindly teaches us that the assholes get more and how imposing our will regardless of the subject gets us more but is it a fact? Aren’t they just stories which are told and told again eventually overriding the millions of everyday people who outnumber those few?

In other words you can make enough noise to drown out anything and if those noises or stories are more interesting, used to teach a lesson, or are primarily used as propaganda, they may all too easily become common when in fact, they are more rare.

Such is life and a nice guys quest to attract women he truly desires like never before.

This view or concept that just becoming a jerk will attract women is actually a more rare event and I’m sure it happens BUT because it IS rare and a better “story” becoming common knowledge even though it has no real proof or high probability of it becoming true more often than not.

What makes matter worse is the undesirable effect if we are to propose a real experiment. Who really wants to have others treated badly just to see the outcome?

Meaning the answer is not something which can be easily be achieved without causing harm. I’m not proposing we even try it and what would it actually achieve by learning the truth aside from wasting valuable time instead of just investing time to learn how to attract women without becoming an ass.

Becoming a jerk is NOT the answer to attracting women nor is it even a guarantee or proven without a doubt it works.

Before you click next ask these questions:

What guy actually wants a woman who would put up with or find herself attracted to some jerk? Do you want to be that guy? Do you want to “learn” to be an ass and give up your friendly self just to either get laid or find yourself in a relationship with someone who likes to be treating like shit?

Are we saying that “attractive” women are only attracted to jerks therefore any decent looking woman will only ever date this type of guy and yet when you look around, is this really the case?


“See beautiful woman – see her dickhead boyfriend or husband.”

Is it safe or fair or better yet, NICE to assume that just because she’s beautiful that the guy she’s with is some kind of jerk or asshole?

The last one is something I realized long ago; who am I to “claim” I’m a nice guy when I’m judging someone so badly or a couple unfairly before I even get to know them?


If you’re listening to a woman complain about some asshole, which I’ve been guilty of doing so in my past, then we are not really listening anyways. We are just hoping she’ll toss his ass out for a “nice guy” like one of us. (Again, not really a nice thing to do.)

If you’re taking what she says literally, then like me, you just don’t understand women and how attraction works. Trust me, that is one problem easily solved with a good read (“Attraction Isn’t A Choice“) and a little objectivity about yourself and the situations you find yourself in with women.

If it’s a fact and you’re surrounding yourself with women who refuse to do something about their relationships with jerks or continue to allow themselves to be treated like shit, then it’s definitely time to look elsewhere and ditch the negative things in YOUR life because it’s obviously not doing you any good. It’s not getting you a girlfriend and it’s certainly not getting you laid.

Becoming a jerk or acting like one is NOT the answer and I refuse to ask you to prove me wrong because I’d rather see you, as one of the good guys, learn HOW to attract women without treating them like shit.

Hope you feel the same way…

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