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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

How Women Experience Attraction – Beyond The Physical

in How Attraction Works

I am going to share with you MY view on how attraction works for women based on years and years of public and “private” research.

Read carefully or look closely between the lines and you just might be able to see HOW you can use this information to BE more attractive to women or to create it yourself.

Keep in mind this is how I see it, generally speaking, and I ALWAYS encourage any and all woman to challenge my thoughts or to even support them.


She’ll notice something about you from a distance. This could be anything depending on her or how she is or what she’s used to experiencing.

Obviously some rich hot girl will notice guys who are either at her financial status or some guy who represents a grudge in her family life of upbringing like some bad boy.

But That’s the extreme.

Most women notice something cute about you. Maybe your smile. Your shoes. Your hair. How she caught your eyes or noticed you were staring at her.

“How physically attractive you are and triggering a woman’s attraction are not mutually exclusive which is great news for us average or below looking guys.”How Triggering Attraction Really Works For Women – The Dimmer Switch

It really doesn’t matter as much as you think although there are plenty of things you can do to make it happen more naturally with lots of women.

You just need to be “noticed” and she must fixate on something.

Something MUST catch her mind.

Oddly enough, this can even include your “lack of style” or shyness. Some women dig that shit.

The most efficient and beneficial ways to get noticed immediately where attraction can be created easier are:

  • How you hold yourself. Your confidence and mannerisms.
  • Who you are socializing with which, yes, definitely means other women.
  • Sincere (maybe a little too long) yet soft eye contact.

Again, all this is dependent on HER life up until that point and not necessarily yours. Keep in mind you have no control over where her life has brought her and if you build your look to just one type of woman, others will be more likely to miss you.

It’s best, when appealing to women that you’ll have better odds of being noticed by maintaining several traits ALL women find attractive.

Here are a few pages I’m proud of which will either help you get that first impression right and more memorable and/or push you in the direction you need to go. They are located at DiaLTeG TM:

Okay… after the first sighting.

What she’s experiencing at that point is not normally what we feel when we see an attractive women although it does happen probably more than we’re led to believe by women. Based on many private talks with women – I will say the guys who she noticed where they didn’t normally fit in to the people she’s accustomed to being attracted towards, well IF they do things a certain way, create the most amount of attraction. No doubt!

So unless you’re incredibly handsome, every single woman who “checks you out” is noticing something unique about you which has a lot less to do with your looks than you might first assume. (Let’s not get into the ones who are engaged, married, or are in love with a guy.)

Again, it’s not normally your look or looks, it’s either your confidence or who you’re socializing around and how you appear while you’re doing it. ( Now she may never say it to someone else but the more she feels it for you, the more vocal she WANTS to be about it. (Like an instinctual need to tell someone, anyone!)

Keep that in mind because on the chance you do meet her and start talking, her voice is a dead give away on what she is feeling. Most WILL try to hide their “flirty nervousness” up to and including testing the shit out of you.

BUT… The more she’s testing, the more she’s playing with you, the more she is starting to feel attracted to you. The process has begun.

She starts feeling more or less or just something.

She might begin to wonder if you’re feeling it too based on her typical experiences with guys and how she tends to “get to know them”.

There’s always a pattern specific to her which may or may not be the same as some other woman but they do tend to happen in the same order.

She’ll begin to over-analyze your every movement or become so closed off worrying about her own movements and sentences and how she says them to even notice much about you at all; which normally depends on the woman and circumstance of course.

It’s not a bad thing at all because at that point you’re allowed to screw up a little because she’s too much inside her own head to notice the little things women DO see that us guys miss.

At this point, or even after a few more conversations, if she convinces herself she can not figure you out, or if you’re confusing her, or how you’re right there one minute and distant the next, almost like she never existed, or when she begins to analyze your every move and how it might relate to her, OR how she’s starting to feel something for someone who is not her type … (granted there are so many things which can happen here) …

She’s locked in the mystery of it all.

She experiences an almost incessant urge to “figure you out”.

She begins to feel even more.

She’ll convince herself what she’s feeling is real thus enhancing her emotional connection to YOU.

She may never act on those feelings.

Again, it depends on who she is and what type of relationships she’s had or not had AND a whole host of other circumstances…

Which is why it’s always in your best interest for YOU to move forward and take the lead.

In other words don’t expect a woman with trust issues to throw themselves at you.

Now this is when her “attraction” is as real to her as it is to you when you notice something you really like on a girl.

BEFORE: If there was a first physical attraction, THIS feeling is much deeper and matters so much more to her.

It becomes “beyond her control” and it’s left to time (and you) and your connection to her and how it develops to how long this period lasts.

I didn’t say she’ll lose control but just that her emotions are happening despite what she is now thinking.

They are almost on autopilot.

If her feelings begins to diminish she’ll begin to start thinking again.

If at that point her thoughts are not led to feeling something similar to what she was feeling before, the attraction starts to disappear.

For some that’s forever.  She may become friends with you. She might reject you for a second date. She might never think about you again and poof, it’s gone.

No matter what her decision is, if the attraction disappears no matter how much begging, asking, or games you might play, it will make no difference at all.

Now if there’s a little of attraction left and there’s some down time between you two,  she could easily being the process all over again.

You can see that pattern happen quite clearly everywhere you look so take some time to notice.

Ask around.

Don’t ask a woman what or why she’s attracted to him, ask her HOW she became attracted to a guy and you’ll learn so much more. Read this about asking her WHY she rejects men.

Think about what happened with the last woman you were with or when you two hooked up.

Compare it to your experiences with the women who were really into you whether you wanted them back or not.

Notice how the time frame may change but the pattern is always the same.

Whether it takes a year, a day or an hour – it’s the same.

NOW… Imagine how just how easy it is for some guys to speed up the time frame when they have practiced it enough and find women who are more predictable to act quicker on their attraction. Commonly known as quick seduction tactics.

BUT also understand how hard it can be to make it all happen when you can not recognize or acknowledge when and where it’s happening.

OR if you didn’t know how it happens at all.

Consider what some have said that they noticed about you.

Consider what you notice about yourself.

Consider how other people see you and how different or the same it is, as you see yourself.

How easy do you think it is to just get noticed by women to start the process?

Remember from above it’s:

  • How you hold yourself. Your confidence and mannerisms.
  • Who you are socializing with which, yes, definitely means other women.
  • Sincere (maybe a little too long) yet soft “real” eye contact.

When you, as a guy, experience your own pattern of attraction, there’s a pattern to it which is easily noticed and it’s something you’ve become used to it happening.

For women, it happens a little differently but the result is similar to what you experience.

Get it right and you’ll soon find creating it becomes the easy part.

Learning how women experience attraction (and why it happens) is something every nice guy must understand from beginning to the end because once you know this secret, it can change ALL your interactions with women.

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