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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Does A Nice Guy Deserve Some Hot Chic? What Makes Him Better?

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They say beauty is only skin deep, how we’re supposed to love what’s inside and not the outside.

How we’re considered or seen as superficial or less than someone else because we can’t see past her beauty.

BUT we’re also told by women who just want our friendship how nice we are, how they just don’t see us that way, or some other lame excuse of why we couldn’t possibly be together.


Women want US to like them for their personality and their kindness of heart BUT they feel nothing beyond friendship for OUR nice ways or personality.

They get mad at US because we don’t find them as attractive as some hot model or porn star with a great body and become bitter because THEY say no guys like them because apparently they’re not attractive enough.

Yet those very same women, and I’m including the most attractive ones, pine over the same few guys who apparently have something us nice guys are missing. Sometimes it’s not superficial but it sure looks like it is from our end, doesn’t it?

If you remember “life” you see the same few guys getting ALL the women and those same women wouldn’t dare give us a chance because, well their excuses are no better than ours.

Tell me how much it pisses you off to hear, see, or read about some hot chic who can’t find their true love.

How they hate guys because the guy they’ve been chasing cheated on them or how ALL guys are pigs and how ALL men are liars.

And that’s because SHE got fucked over by some guy who probably fucked over her girlfriend first and most likely the last ten women he slept with and so on.

I suppose the ultimate truth is revealed when, and I’m sure a few of you have been here before…

You think you’re in love with a woman you’re friends with. She’s attractive. Fun to be around. You connect with her on so many levels. You talk for hours and hours. You never fight and when you do, it doesn’t last long. She does practically anything and everything for you (except screw you or suck your cock) and you’ll do anything for her too.

Sometimes she uses you because she can.

Hell sometimes you use HER too by getting as close as you can hoping she’ll rub up against you or get drunk enough to finally sleep with you.

Maybe, the feelings do come out but you just can tell she has to realize how you feel anyways and you keep quiet about it.

Here you are, a seemingly perfect couple…

BUT instead of wanting you she’d rather be in an abusive relationship with some jerk who has fucked over every woman he has been with.

She says things like , “You don’t know him like I do.”, “He’s actually a good guy.”He’s been hurt in the past.” and blah blah blah!!!

You could ask her what she sees in him and chances are you’ll get the same old tired reply, “I don’t know.” as she cries out what a wonderful man she “thought” he was or could be.

You can also, with no certain doubt, see her superficial ways. He probably has money although having a job doesn’t matter. Drives a hot car. Has fucked some hotter women. He’s good-looking. Rugged. Barely shaves. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Deep. Troubled. Lives on the edge. (Remember we’re talking about women we find too attractive for us.)

BUT they make the perfect couple right?

It’s the same old same old bullshit and you and I have seen it a hundred maybe a thousand times.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Let’s go a little deeper… Shall we?

Here’s this mildly attractive woman, if that, she’s with her husband who looks miserable most of the time. She’s a bitch. Outspoken. Annoying. Thinks she’s better than everyone else and her world revolves around nothing but her and maybe her kids.

You wouldn’t touch her in a million years and why…

Well because she’s an unattractive bitch. Seriously.

But SHE has a guy doesn’t she?

SHE gets laid. SHE got married. SHE at some point in her life decided to settle down with that poor guy and for the life of us, we can’t figure out WHY he did.

Who knows, maybe she lets him do things to her in private but that’s highly doubtful isn’t it?

So WHY does she get to have or find that life and we don’t?

We’re nicer than her. We respect others.

What or who gave HER the right to have and of course not appreciate, something we spend our entire lives looking for but can not find?

WE would appreciate it more. WE would enjoy it more. WE would or feel more deserving and yet we’re left lonely with our dick in our hands HOPING.

Or would we…? That’s the thing here.

We just have no clue and can only guess, assume, predict to a certain degree, HOW we would act if we able to get everything we believe someone else doesn’t deserve.

The plight of the nice guy and these many thoughts he’s usually too scared (or respectful?) to share goes deep.

Do nice guys really deserve something such as a really hot chic just because they believe they’re better than someone else?

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  • John

    The superiority trait or a belief you’re better than others just because of the morals you choose for yourself is definitely not an attractive trait.

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