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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Do You Think Being Nice Is Why You’re Not Successful Attracting Women?

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Here’s what THIS nice guy did…

He treated women “all nice” on the outside but would go home every night bitching about them, calling them every name in the book. It was always HER and never HIM.

He then hid from them, secluded with his limited beliefs as if it was some security blanket.

Tired of all that and not “getting any” he tried being a jerk. You know, just stopped being nice one day to see where it got him.

All that got him was an angry depressed world to wake up to everyday and no closer to getting laid or finding a girl.

So he declared something hoping he’d believe if he said it out loud,

“Fuck it. I don’t need women anyways. I’ve survived long enough by myself. I feel stronger than most people do in a relationship anyways and most of them seem to be miserable.”

He also stated that he would NEVER settle for someone he wasn’t attracted to and didn’t really want. His “prime selection” choice only gave him a public reason to explain why he’s single to his family and friends.

Yet, each failure he experienced became just another small drop destined to become a large pool of despair and misery.

Sure the wind would blow and create tiny waves of emotions, but that was always replaced at night fall because when the water went still, he went numb.

No feelings at all.


He eventually even forgot how to have fun.

Terrible stuff I know but it IS a classic pattern. A pattern you may have experienced yourself.

It’s also a little too typical, isn’t it?

Typical “nice guy” stuff. Classic nice guy thoughts all too often hidden from the world.

Have you been through it yourself?

Did you or DO you believe you are supposed to “play nice” because that’s who you are even though the benefits don’t seem to pay off?

It FEELS right, doesn’t it?

It SHOULD work.

Be “nice” to women – women will like us back – we’ll get a girlfriend.

It’s not right to blame people so if we keep it to ourselves – we’re just being a nice person.

It’s not right to hate some people for having what WE want – but telling them would be wrong and this enormous guilt builds up because thinking like that makes it VERY difficult to believe we’re even nice people in the first place.

So over time – we lose faith in ourselves…

We don’t feel attractive. We don’t feel special. We don’t feel “worthy” of HER anyways.

Eventually we give up (with regards to women) and turn our hearts to just plain luck.

Some of us grab our fair share and take what we get.

Some of us settle and eventually feel some kind of love for her BUT since that’s doesn’t feel right, once again, we hollow ourselves out and really begin to hate ourselves.

Others remain forever single… hoping.

You’ve seen all the nice guy thoughts now.

If you can relate to even some of what was written you KNOW what I’m talking about.

With that said…

Do you STILL believe being or playing nice is what the problem (related to attracting women) is?

Does it feel like women have taken your feelings from you causing you to go emotionally numb?

Are you always conflicted inside, torn between not wanting to be nice but also not being able, capable, or willing to NOT play fair anymore?

Do you believe there is ANOTHER way of doing things which can allow you to keep your integrity and still become successful with women?

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  • niceguy

    I can only be a nice guy. I don’t know how to be anything else. Can’t treat women like shit, is that what you’re asking me to do? And yes, why can’t women just like me for who I am and not the schmucks that fall for!

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