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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Do These Six Things & Stop Talking To Women – Start Communicating Attraction

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Change how you “communicate” with women and you’ll attract more than you can ever handle or probably would want.

Women tend to be very social people. Even the ones who sit at home night after night with only a few friends can be considered “socialites”. Whether it’s on their phone or social media, rarely if ever have I met a woman who isn’t “into” talking to other people.

Specifically the ones who make them feel something or allow them to get their feelings out.

We all seem to know this; BUT we all don’t seem to know HOW to use that information to increase our attractiveness.

Here’s what I would like to see happen between you and most other women… that is IF you want to become a more attractive “nice” guy:

First – Stop putting so much emphasis on the outcome of each and any interactions you have.

Stop trying to get something from women, date, phone number, contact information and start trying to give something to the conversation which charges her emotionally.

“Deliver your well chosen words with inflection and articulation OR vocally express emotion with patience and passion.”Here’s How To Make Your Voice Attractive & More Memorable To Women

Oh and no matter what happens… leave her wanting more.

Trust me, start doing this with women you meet everyday, everywhere, and you will see a difference.

Remember. You’re not worried about attracting her, seeing her again, or whether it goes good or bad. Just let it happen the anyway it unfolds and leave it there.

Second – Stop asking women questions they can answer with one word.

Every question you ask must be open-ended and must mean something to her. It also should be relevant to the conversation.

Reword your questions in a way which is relevant to you and your life AND which prompts a real response from her.

Yeah, I know it’s tough and it is work at first but you’ll get better at it. That’s why we practice and open up lots of different conversations with all sorts of women.

You’re learning something so don’t focus on the finished product.

Focus on the task at hand – talking with women. Communicating with women on a different level.

Third – Stop answering everything she asks directly. Make it fun. Tease her a bit with your answers.

Give her absurdity mixed with real facts and use that as the spice to the conversation. This is HOW you create chemistry. Chemistry between a man and woman happens when there’s an emotional exchange – good or bad.

I trust you want the “good” part so stay on that end and you’ll be okay. You don’t have to piss her off to make it happen BUT if she does get pissed off or bent out of shape over something, LET it happen.

One clever trick is to ask (suspiciously) things about her but in a fun way.

Fourth – Listen to what she says, how she says it, and why she’s saying it.

Listen like you’ve never listened before. Avoid trying to think about what you’re going to say while she’s talking.

Trust me, this sounds difficult but it’s not and you’ll quickly realize lots of good things start happening…

You’ll have natural pauses, a more attractive face, you’ll hear everything, you won’t be so worried about what to say next, AND you’ll learn things about her she’ll appreciate AND remember the interaction.

Nice guys tend to do “four” a little too good and that’s okay but be warned, without one, two, three, or what’s coming up, you won’t be creating chemistry.

All of this MUST work together and it won’t work at all unless you want to meet a lot of women willing to be “just your friend”.

Fifth – Never give her information about yourself which has little value or is not relevant to the conversation.

Guys, specifically “nice guys” tend to down-play their lives by adding useless things about themselves. They tend to give it all away in way which is boring AND they add too many straight-forward answers which give women way too much information.

When she wants to know – she’ll ask, and that still does not mean you have to give her the answer you “think” she wants to hear.

Women WANT to figure you out in their own little way.

Your “job” is NOT to paint a perfect or less than perfect picture of yourself the way you want her to see you.

Your new style of communication is to let her come to her own conclusions slowly; no matter what those conclusions happen to be, is NOT your concern.

Sixth – Stop trying to push the conversation a certain way. Don’t think you have to steer a conversation. Let it evolve naturally.

Women instinctively know when you’re steering or trying to steer the conversation. It feels fake. It feels like you’re trying to get her to do something and if you’re constantly trying to push it sexual or anything similar and you might as well just lead off with it and make it known. At least that way you’re being completely honest with her.

Women have a certain way they want the conversation to flow. Interrupting that flow, unless or until you’re really good at talking with women, becomes a waste of time and you’ll ruin the “real” experience she’s creating in her head when she’s talking to you.

Again, you must use ALL these new ways so it can work the best for you.

No more just “talking” to women.

Start communicating with them on an entirely new, different, and exciting level and you WILL be seen as a more attractive man.

You’ll become the guy she looks forward to seeing, talking to, getting a hold of, whatever you wish to happen.

You can also increase or amplify everything by not lingering too long, or letting the conversation go stale, and by ending it a little too early… every time.

Let me know it goes for you and how your interactions with women are now changing for the better.

If you’re having problems meeting women then develop a social life where women will come into your life naturally – Building A Successful & Attractive Social Life, Step 1- What’s Wrong?

It’s certainly about time you realize “nice guys” who communicate this way ARE attractive guys who “happen to be good”.

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