Credits, Notes, A Special Thanks To All!

Many people help me and contribute and most of them don’t ever know it. This page is to acknowledge them all, give them credit where credit is certainly due AND occasional just to spread a little thank you message to those who rightfully deserve much more but I can only give so much.

I’m looking forward to watching this page grow!

#1 – To my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and of course smart and sexy wife. For all her support and so much more. For all her having to listen to my many theories on life, sex, attraction, dating, control, and the list would never end … she’s been incredible and the fact she actually seems to like me getting all fired up over this stuff – turns me on ALMOST as much as all her womanly body parts do too. Thank YOU!

Photo credits:

Two guys, two women – photo altered by me adding labels – on post. Photo by Sharefaith