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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Just Because She’s Beautiful or Hot, Does Not Mean She’s Better Than You

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When I talk about “attractive men” I’m not talking about the classic physically attractive guy. Women can and do feel attraction for guys which go beyond his looks. This includes the physically attractive, beautiful, or the women we might call “hot”.

A big problem with too many guys is that when they see an attractive woman, they think or believe she is better than them in some way.

Another problem, perhaps a bigger over looked one, is that when they see a woman they’re extremely attracted to, they apply the traits they’re looking for to her. Her personality becomes the personality they’re looking for BEFORE they even get to know her.

“The physical attractiveness stereotype is a tendency, described by psychologists, to assume that people who are physically attractive also possess other socially desirable personality traits. Stereotyping is the process by which we draw inferences about others based on knowledge of the categories to which they belong.”


These two things combined with either low self-esteem, a lack of confidence around women, an inability to talk (naturally) or start an organic conversation with them decreases their ability to attract or create attraction.

From far away we make too many assumptions about women based on their look or looks alone.

Those assumptions are “attraction killers”. There is not many women who enjoy being judged this way and since it does make it extremely difficult to attract while in this mindset, the problem compounds itself.

Your role, if you want to become a more attractive man, is to avoid judging ANYONE in this way. Obviously if you want to date around and be capable of getting a beautiful woman, judging them by their looks alone is not recommended at all.

Sure, she could be a bitch but she could be the nicest person in the world.

Anything goes.

And yes, you’re going to find some common examples where your judgement might be right but nonetheless, avoid getting in the habit of judging others in this way.

First, it sets you lower than them immediately. By raising her status greater than yours, you’re telling her you do NOT feel good enough for her.

If you don’t feel, think, and believe you are good enough for her – she will be more likely to believe it also.

Secondly, you’ll act different around them. You’ll treat them as if they are better than you. You’ll assume way too much and none if it will help you attract her.

This is normally the nice guy or wussy effect. Kissing her ass, doing her favors, giving her things will in no way create the necessary attraction which is essential.

Third, judgments are typically projections. Most of the time when a person is overly judgmental of others, they are projecting their own issues on to that person or people.

The more negative projections you put out there the easier it is for others to notice it before you even realize it’s happening. The more you judge others, the more they will actually judge you. Negativity only brings mores negativity.

The combination of all those things makes just starting a normal conversation very difficult. It also makes socializing with a beautiful women in an attractive way practically impossible.

Warning: You can go too far with and start acting like you’re better than her or others. Find a real balance. This is NOT an invitation or even a suggestion to act like an ass or treat people or any beautiful woman like you’re better than them.

Go too far and the results will be just as bad AND worst of all, you’ll probably only start attracting the wrong type of woman.

Finding a real natural balance is not that difficult. I’m going to give you the best advice I have found from the man who taught me HOW to ACT which gives the best opportunity to create attraction, pass a woman’s test, separate you from lots of other guys and is a definite sign of a naturally attractive man.

“You live in your reality. She is a guest. No matter where you are or what’s going on, communicate the power and confidence of feeling at home with a woman.

You are a “cause” in the world and not an “effect”. Show that you have a purpose and passion in life that guides everything you do.”

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The naturally attractive man does not assume beauty is an advantage.

He does not “pedestal” place other based on looks alone.

He does not fall for the common misconception that beauty is an advantage just because others do.

Again – HE is the cause and not the “effect”.

When you’re attracted to a woman’s beauty it simply means you’re feeling a primal (necessary) urge which is beyond your control. It’s not an advantage to her, over you. It does not mean she’s better than you. It only makes you a heterosexual male with a sexual desire.

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