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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

Attractive Indifference Is Confusing & Why It’s Wrong to Pretend You Don’t Care

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When it comes to indifference and attracting girls, this attractive trait is often confusing to us nice guys. Let’s clear it up with today’s quick tip.

First – YES, indifference is an attractive trait. Good girls and bad girls are generally attracted to guys who don’t seem to give a shit BUT… just showing you don’t care is not why it’s attractive.

It’s attractive for several reasons and one is because it shows women that you don’t care what others think of you.

You’re a guy who is not easily swayed by others. You’re a guy with confidence who has beliefs and although they can be changed, they’re not altered just because some dude or chic might not like you because of them.

Men who display a reasonable amount of indifference are attractive because they are not approval seekers, ass-kissers, or brown-nose “higher-ups” just to get somewhere. They tend to move ahead in life based on their accomplishments and not because they smooched the right ass.

Indifference is also a sign of a guy who lives in the present more often than not. By not living in the future or past (too often) he may appear more courageous, has less fears, and his regrets don’t take over his life. Live in the past too much means dwelling on mistakes, regrets, and causes people to be less happy or equipped to move on. In others words they tend to pity themselves a little too much.

So why is indifference often misunderstood when it comes to attraction?

The confusion with attraction and being indifferent starts because the definition is not meant to be used to attract girls. The word wasn’t invented specifically to describe attraction.

Another confusing fact about indifference and attracting women is that no matter how you do it, how you display it, how it ends up being perceived by a female – it works.

You could get it all wrong and still attract women.

However what WILL change is the type of woman you’ll attract.

Let me quickly explain.

You show indifference by not putting emphasis on the outcome, living in the present, having real confidence, and a high self-esteem mixed with a belief system which is not too limiting.

That type of indifference will attract higher quality women who are looking for their equal.

You can show indifference by acting like you don’t give a shit, pretending you don’t care about someone or something and you can do it with a “take it or leave it” attitude which goes beyond the normal.

The problem with doing it the wrong way (besides the negative effect it will have on your life if you keep it up) is that you’ll generally attract the WRONG women.

You’ll find yourself with overly needy women. Jealous women. Women who sort-of like to be treated like shit and ignored. Girls who themselves are the opposite and seek attention. They will often go to the guy who gives them the least attention in the beginning.

The choice is obviously yours and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision because well you’re a good guy and you DO want to attract a good woman and not some crazy chic who only likes guys who don’t seem to like them back, right?

One last thing.

Indifference or being indifferent is not really something you can work on directly IF you want to use it in a way to attract better women. Which is actually a good thing.

You become indifferent by working on the attractive pieces of indifference and it will happen naturally.

  • Work on living in the moment or present more often.
  • Eliminate as many limited beliefs as you can.
  • Maintain or build your self-esteem.
  • Learn what confidence is and why it’s so magnetically attractive and at the same time, increase it.
  • Stop putting so much emphasis on the outcome and as they say, learn to enjoy the process more than the results.

Doing those four things will naturally show your indifference without playing games, pretending you don’t care, acting like you couldn’t give a shit about someone or something (when you really do) and in turn WILL attract women of the same high-quality as you.

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