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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

10 Tips On Talking To Women Which Creates Attraction – She’ll Love It

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Learning how to talk to women in a new and excited way is just one way a nice guy can create attraction.

It may be just one way but this whole conversation and communication thing is so big you’ll want to start working on it immediately. It’s easy to practice and once you see how simple and fun it is, you’ll notice an immediate change in your interactions with women.

Don’t limit to just women you find attractive. Start using it on ALL women.

“Change how you “communicate” with women and you’ll attract more than you can ever handle or probably would want.”Do These Six Things & Stop Talking To Women – Start Communicating Attraction

Here’s a (sort of) blueprint on how to talk to ALL women in such a way which is different AND exciting which I use myself.

When done right, and kept relatively short, she will think about you when you’re gone and she’ll certainly look forward to seeing you again. Which I might add is a great start to creating the necessary attraction.

Talking to Women… based on my strategies learned from experience and testing different things.

First things first and some basic stuff which must go along with your style:

  • Always speak from confidence.
  • Don’t lie – bullshit her – put her down – or act like an arrogant prick.
  • If at all possible, break the touch barrier as early as possible.

1. Ask something a single woman would care about.

Continue on that topic and avoid straying from it too far.

Go deeper into that area until you find an area she has an emotional connection with, something she feels strongly about.

If you can get her talking more with that connection, not only will you have to say less and be less likely to screw it up, she WILL get excited.

Don’t be afraid to get a little sexual. Just don’t turn it all about sex early on. BUT you have to let her know you’re comfortable talking about it without actually saying it.

2. Tell her something about yourself that’s a little interesting and LET her talk.

Allow her to create the necessary images in her head about you.

If she asks a lot of questions, do NOT answer them all directly.

Tell her a very short story about something you’ve done omitting unnecessary words and make sure it’s on topic.

It must be in context to your conversation or what is already there around you.

3. Keep your sentences short, use your vocal inflection to emphasize, then LET her speak.

The more a woman is allowed to talk, specifically about things that are important to her, the more likely she will begin to feel attracted to you.

See number ten below.

4. Make some very subtle assumptions about her and tell her.

Don’t be judgmental.

Tease her a little about it and again, LET her defend herself.

Don’t just let her change your mind about her so make sure you keep it up for a little while.

Nice guys have a habit of trying to release tension when it feels uncomfortable. Avoid doing it and let the tension works itself out naturally.

5. Segue slowly into more sexual topics as required.

Continue to stick to topics or ideas about her and things she’s connected to and create emotional “pingbacks” or memories in her head.

Put yourself in those pictures and memories.

Allow her to connect you and her by suggesting there’s something there.

Once again, rather than going too deep, step back, and let her create the memories she has already been through and add a little fantasy to it or things that could not possibly happen… or could they?

Remember this in every conversation…

6. Act like you “get” her but don’t say it.

Act like you know some secrets about her but don’t tell her.

She WANTS to reveal herself to you at her pace in her own way with the best possible version of herself.

Women like to feel that nobody knows the real her and she wants YOU to get her to reveal herself by showing you DO care and DO want to know.

The more she begins to feel attracted to you, the more she’ll play herself off to you in the best possible way.

Anything otherwise or differently at that point – is just a test to get you to either agree with her, tell her what you think of her, reveal how you feel about her, and your general opinion of her.

Do NOT do any of those things.

Revert to a smile and a coy laugh. Playfully accuse her of being an outlandish version of herself and how it couldn’t be true… or could it?

7. Give her a cool suspicious smile or tone of voice and let it go.

The idea or concepts I’ve brought up today may seem a little confusing and at the same time may even seem like a no-brainer, but they’re not.

Most guys don’t talk like this.

They either talk too much about themselves or things she don’t care about in the smallest way.

They give out way to much information. They don’t give her any real things to think about AFTER they’re gone which is unfortunate because THAT is where the real magic happens.

That’s when she forms a deeper attraction.

That’s where YOUR conversation should take her during the first meeting,  conversation or even the first few seconds of the interaction.

8. Don’t wait to make it happen. Use it to set an immediate tone, a pattern she can rely on,  a moving emotional moment she can illustrate in her head later.

And she will.

If you give her something to think about later which connects you to her emotionally, you’ll be that much closer to her forming a deeper attraction.

Don’t forget the next tip… ever…

9. You must make her genuinely laugh and the hard part of that is she must do it (laugh or giggle or big smile) WITHOUT you telling a joke.

Play off the serious end and break the tension (when appropriate) with light humor.

You can’t do that effectively by being an ass or acting out or making fun of others. Arrogance or words of superiority over others won’t work on genuinely real women.

Generally speaking of course because in social situations talking about other people (a more difficult thing to accomplish) can show her you understand how it all works AND you have a sense of real humor about it AND you’re not some judgmental ass trying to make himself look better.


You CAN use self-deprecating humor much easier but use sparingly and make sure it’s something that’s not a big deal to most people.

Like this. If she ask or questions your history with women…

“So how good are you with women. You must have some special someone in your life. Do you have a girlfriend or dating someone?”

You can respond with,

“Me, no I’m terrible with women. I get all the stalkers or crazy women following me. Probably why my wife is always  answering my phone.”

Notice the self-deprecation — I’m terrible with women.

Notice the pre-selection angle but with women you wouldn’t want, “I get all the stalkers.” In itself it’s funny but it won’t create a laughable or sarcastic moment.

The next part does, “Probably why my wife is always answering my phone.” 

She won’t possibly believe you have a wife or will she…?

Feel free to let her down gently AFTER the laugh but let it go for a little while.

That little chunk is a pattern you can use a lot with tons of different topics she can relate to.

AND it’s easy when you get the hang of it.

ALWAYS have fun with it and refrain from putting so much emphasis on the outcome when you’re trying it out. Give yourself some time to get good at it.

So yes… practice.

10. Work on your voice.

You can add this article to help you with your voice: Here’s How To Make Your Voice Attractive & More Memorable To Women

Use your voice.

Trust me…it’s a very important part of the process and heightens her attraction.

Some nice guys only need to start talking and communicating with women on a level she’s used to experiencing with guys who are good with women. Those are the guys she ends up with. They are the ones she finds herself constantly thinking about and wanting him to make the next move.

Your conversations will go above and beyond your looks, your money, and leave a lasting impression.

It’s again, a no games approach which speaks to ALL women in a way they understand and get on a different level most nice guy never achieve.

Don’t let your education stop here.

Put these tips in practice immediately.

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