Beautiful can be such a strange word because its definition depends on the person using it and nice guys are no exception.

Dictionaries often describe beauty or beautiful as “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically” or “generally pleasing” so it becomes clear that if something or someone (like a woman) makes you feel good, it can be described as being beautiful or having beauty.

You can describe me as a (sort of) “ex-nice guy” which gives me a very personal insight into how they think. One relevant example comes to mind when the nice guy sees an attractive woman and is suddenly flushed with negative thoughts and feelings.

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Nice guys might make it publicly known they want to date beautiful or attractive women but do they really? What is happening? Is it because they think they’re too nice and look for beauty on the inside or do they just settle with a woman they’re not that attracted to because they don’t feel good enough to attract a beautiful woman? This topic discusses the feelings a nice guy experiences when he meets beauty, his thought process, and all the questions, morality and such, to pose more questions on whether he actually wants to date a beautiful woman or not.

The typical nice guy believes women don’t find him sexy and he’s probably right.

Maybe it’s how he looks, a little of how he acts, and a belief that being sexy (as a dude) is reserved for the raw untamed sexuality certain men exude.

Don’t get me wrong. Women DO find those things sexy on a guy but there’s always more to it. There’s not a clearly defined template women adhere to which works for every one of them.

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Just because you’re a nice guy doesn’t mean women can not find you sexy. There are four areas you can work on which will bring out your sexy side and have women start noticing you more than ever. Fears, inner beliefs to project, pure real confidence, and how you move and speak. Develop them and women will begin to see you as a sexy guy. You can do things which are sexy.

How many times have you listened to a woman complain about a guy she supposedly likes or is dating?

How many times have you taken what she was saying literally?

How many times have you wondered,

“If I could only bring myself to act like him I could have her, but it’s just not who I am?

In other words you’re too much of a nice guy to act like a jerk.

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Lots of nice guys have made this statement, “If only I was a jerk or starting act like one, I know I could attract more women.” Is this statement true? What or where is the proof? We assume it’s true but even if a nice guy we’re to try it, who is to say it would actually start attracting women and what kind or type of women would it attract?

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