The “nice guy” tends to confuse dominance and leadership and often take on a feminine role making them far less attractive to women.

They want her to take charge, move forward, make the first move, etc… because they’re either afraid of appearing too dominant and controlling, lack the self-esteem to believe in themselves, are afraid of a woman thinking they’re one the jerks they despise, and occasionally because they fear success in an area that they have little experience.

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The bad boy, the player, and the jerk – all of whom appear to attract more women than nice guys, have one trait in common a nice guy can use for himself in a positive manner. To beat them at their own “game” he must learn what true leadership is and how it really works in attracting women. It’s not about being a boss and exhibiting dominance, it’s often about leading himself in a confident competent manner in his own life and life choices. This will naturally help him become a real leader with women and when entering a relationship too.

It’s a belief that women (more or less) fall for the quiet or silent type or the guy who is far from the so-called overly romantic nice guy.

So… should the nice guy bury his feelings to attract more women?

Is his overly emotional states the main cause of his inability to attract more women or is something else going on?

Let’s take the typical jerk.

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The jerk displays many traits women find attractive but they often come with a negative effect. Three are strength, a fearless attitude, and not being afraid of confrontation. Any nice guy can indirectly show those same traits without ever being the jerk he despises.

In the “nice guys approach to attraction” this is number one because changing a woman’s emotional state and/or sexual energy seems to come all too  easy for the jerks, the bad boys, and the players, yet appears to be very difficult (and often avoided) for nice guys.

Let’s take a quick look at how each type of men changes her emotionally and then we’ll look into a “nicer” way of doing it. (Keep in mind these are not “everything” and we’re only going to touch the surface of what is happening with these types of guys.)

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The jerk, the bad boy, and the player seem to have no problems affecting or changing a woman’s emotional states making her more attracted but their natural or unnatural ways often have a negative side effect. See how and why changing her emotional state is avoided by the nice guy and how he can do it, and create plus amplify attraction without all the bad side effects.

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