We can argue all day whether most people agree that women are attracted to jerks. Our experiences will tend to lead us in one direction or another. You can send me your opinion in the comment area below… I’ll “probably” listen.

My belief is that women are NOT actually attracted to jerks…

They merely find themselves drawn to certain traits that the jerk displays or might have.

(Let’s not get into the self-deprecation side or destructive habits which causes some women to ONLY enter co-dependent relationships.)

Click to Learn How One Jerk Behavior, His Bad Boy Attitude Can Be Used By Any Nice Guy

A bad boy attitude is one way the jerk attracts women. A nice guy can also do it by takings risks and facing fears without the negative physical harm. The courage he displays creates attraction and his motives or end game is not questioned leaving more freedom of choice and relationships. He can compete with the jerk in a nice way.

Being nice and getting laid are four words rarely heard together unless there’s some NOT thrown in the mix.

This whole “nice guy approach” is meant to disprove the idea that nice guys finish last by introducing another way of looking at this problem which says,

“Forget being nice. Nice is a form of manipulation in many ways. If you’re a good decent real

You can still be a “good” guy who is respected. Learn how to interact with women a little differently and problem solved, for the most part.

Eliminate being needy, seeking approval, kissing ass, giving away favors hoping some woman will like you, and you’re headed in the right direction.

Learn The Difference Between My Old Self and A Guy Who Was A Good Guy & Great With Women

You can't always blame your nice ways on why you're failing with women. Good guys can get laid. Read as I reveal two failures I had with women and why they happened. Then read on as I befriend a really good cool guy and what he did differently which made him extremely successful in attracting women. Sometimes it's as simple a being fearless, always moving forward, respect of yourself and others, and not putting so much emphasis on the outcome of each and every interaction with a woman.

Women become obsessed over guys all the time.

Probably not you, right? Yeah I hear you. Been there, done that.

Maybe there was a few you didn’t want anything to do with but they don’t count. You were not attracted to them and they still chased you. Since you ARE a nice guy, just using her (or them) for sex was or is NOT an option.

Let’s think about this…

Do you really want a woman to become so obsessed or infatuated over you that you don’t ever have to do anything? You can just sit back and reap the rewards of having total control over the situation.

Learn More About How A Woman Becomes Obsessed Over A Guy and How It Can Be Created Naturally

Nice guys have had women become obsessed or infatuated over them but it's not usually the women they wanted. This is good news because it can happen, a deeper level of attraction can happen naturally. Examine the stages a woman experiences where and when this obsession happens and how changing a few things like lifestyle, character, communication, physical and emotional restraint can make deeper level of attraction become a natural part of a nice guys relationships with women.

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