“Look deeply in her in the eyes then her mouth and then back to her eyes. Place rour lips close and closer to hers. Slowly wrap your arms around her lightly or place your hands on her neck or cheek. Wait for what seems an eternity for her to slowly close her eyes and pucker up her lips… because that means she wants to be kissed.”

The first kiss used to scare the shit out of me. It scared me so much I would wait until the woman made the first move which obviously doesn’t work because of these four very important reasons:

1. Too many women won’t ever make the first move even though they might think they have given you all the “go” signs to kiss them.

We’ve all heard about all the signals a woman gives when she’s ready and willing to accept the first kiss from us. Unfortunately most men are terrible at reading those signals from women.

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Nce guys need a push to get past our fears of making the first move or going for the first kiss. Here are four reasons why you must go for it and risk the rejection.

When I talk about “attractive men” I’m not talking about the classic physically attractive guy. Women can and do feel attraction for guys which go beyond his looks. This includes the physically attractive, beautiful, or the women we might call “hot”.

A big problem with too many guys is that when they see an attractive woman, they think or believe she is better than them in some way.

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Too many guys assume a beautiful or hot woman has an advantage over them. This mindset makes him a less attractive man and makes it harder to attract her. The naturally attractive man does not assume beauty is an advantage. He does not “pedestal” place other based on looks alone. He does not fall for the common misconception that beauty is an advantage just because others do. Again – HE is the cause and not the “effect”.

Real attractive men, the type that attracts women beyond their looks, are affected by someone they find attractive BUT they don’t allow that attraction to dictate how they act or the actions they take with regards to them.

This means it’s okay to admit, “Yes, I find you attractive.”  or “Yes, I’m feeling attracted to you.”

Attraction can and will affect you as a guy. It’s the way it works and you can not avoid it and why would you anyways. Who wants to turn it off when it feels so good and we’re assuming you can turn it off anyways… which you can not.

The difference between a naturally attractive man (beyond his looks) and a guy who is not with regards to women is how he lets that attraction affect how he acts or the actions he takes for her or around her.

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Just because she’s hot does does not mean you should let your attraction to her control your actions. Be in control of yourself. It’s what a naturally attractive man does and how he acts. If you let her beauty affect your actions which has you kissing her ass or seeking her approval you will not attract a real woman with self-esteem and high confidence. Expect more from women than just a hot body and you’ll get more women.

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