I am going to share with you MY view on how attraction works for women based on years and years of public and “private” research.

Read carefully or look closely between the lines and you just might be able to see HOW you can use this information to BE more attractive to women or to create it yourself.

Keep in mind this is how I see it, generally speaking, and I ALWAYS encourage any and all woman to challenge my thoughts or to even support them.


She’ll notice something about you from a distance. This could be anything depending on her or how she is or what she’s used to experiencing.

Learn The Steps & Order In Which Women Experience Attraction

From the first minute she notices you and beyond. Women don't experience a deep attraction for men the same way us guys do BUT there's always a pattern. Knowing that pattern, how it happens, and then later why, can help any nice guy who must create real attraction. Here is how women experience attraction.

Let’s talk about triggering attraction.

If you don’t follow “seduction reports” or if this is your first introduction to attraction “others” talk about switches…

They claim women have this built-in natural response which can make them feel attracted to you.

These switches trigger her attraction mechanism causing her to feel something which is beyond her control.

It works (somewhat) the same way yours does.

Meaning when you find yourself physically attracted to a woman, her beauty, her hips, legs, ass, tits, hair, smile, is basically triggering a natural instinctual reaction in you.

Your body chemistry changes and you too begin feeling something you have absolutely no conscious control over… Attraction.

Learn How Attraction Works For Women – Her Trigger Is On A Dimmer Switch

Women experience attraction in a way which is different than men. To create it you must first understand how it happens. Her dimmer switch happens in this order: Think, feel, act. If you're a nice guy failing with women you must read how you're experiencing it and how it's not matched up to hers.

Change how you “communicate” with women and you’ll attract more than you can ever handle or probably would want.

Women tend to be very social people. Even the ones who sit at home night after night with only a few friends can be considered “socialites”. Whether it’s on their phone or social media, rarely if ever have I met a woman who isn’t “into” talking to other people.

Specifically the ones who make them feel something or allow them to get their feelings out.

We all seem to know this; BUT we all don’t seem to know HOW to use that information to increase our attractiveness.

Here’s what I would like to see happen between you and most other women… that is IF you want to become a more attractive “nice” guy:

Learn Six Things You Can Start Doing To Communicate With Woman With Attractive Conversations

If you're a nice guy just talking to women, you're probably not creating much attraction. That's because you don't know how to communicate to them on a different level. Women will begin to see you as an attractive guy, no matter what you look like IF you follow these six steps.

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