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The Nice Guys Approach To Attracting Women

The look in her eye after you told her you love, loses interest.

Hey peter!
I really need your help. There’s this girl whom I love her and she knows it. But after knowing she has started taking me for granted. How to gain her interest in me?

First of all, don’t waste your time trying to get a woman interested in you especially if she knows you’re already in love with her. It’s too late and honestly, interest is NOT as important as creating attraction and/or love.

Secondly, I don’t know HOW she knows but it’s a good bet you TOLD HER and that’s NOT a good thing.

Never ever tell a woman you love her before she says it to you unless you can absolutely say without a doubt, you’re completely positive, you’ve already been intimate with her in some way, AND that she’s going to say it back!

Read my article on why you shouldn’t admit your deeper feelings before her and the circumstances when it’s okay – Should You Admit Your Feelings Before Her?

Click through to the steps to gain her interest and attraction back

Man Woman Showing Indifferent Have Fun

When it comes to indifference and attracting girls, this attractive trait is often confusing to us nice guys. Let’s clear it up with today’s quick tip.

First – YES, indifference is an attractive trait. Good girls and bad girls are generally attracted to guys who don’t seem to give a shit BUT… just showing you don’t care is not why it’s attractive.

It’s attractive for several reasons and one is because it shows women that you don’t care what others think of you.

Click to Learn Why Indifference Is Attractive But Also Doing it Wrong Could Have You Attracting The Wrong Type Of Girl

Guy Risking His Love With Girl in Bed

Today’s (rather long article) is about:

  • Risk and how do doing nothing leads to nothing but failure which is something far worse than rejection.
  • Confidence! What attracts girls to confidence and why.
  • Being or becoming her mister right can be as simple as being confident and taking risks.
  • What advice is given to women when a guy is not taking action or are not progressing forward with her.
  • How girls over think and how this can be an advantage to you if you handle it the right way OR how it can easily mean you will never get with her.
  • How you can increase your confidence in a few easy steps!

Learn how taking risks show confidence, how women over think, how she won’t do what you need to do to be her mister right.