My philosophy on dating has grown over the years. It has evolved above and beyond “playing games” because, among many other reasons, the more games you play, the more you’ll find yourself meeting people who will play along with you.

The less “dating” and “attracting” games you play with women the less likely you’ll get them played back on you and generally, the better chance you’ll have of meeting someone who is just as real and upfront as you are with them.

In my view of life – you will always get back what you give out which obviously includes your dating life.

The “nice guy approach to attracting” women means you must understand these few facts:
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While I do like playing games and having fun, dating is not a game. There are many more beneficial ways to become successful in dating which to me means, finding a great quality girlfriend, entering a more secure happy relationship, and possibly finding the woman of your dreams. Learn how you can avoid playing games or playing women and still become a more attractive good guy.

Here’s the scenario. You’re out with your beautiful girlfriend at the beach.

There are (obviously) lots of women in bikinis swimming, walking around, catching a tan, hanging out, and soaking up the warm sun.

You’re a guy and women who are barely dressed and showing lots of skin are very attractive; understandably it’s very hard not to look. It may also be a little tough to not check some of them out, especially the ones who are right in your view or who walk past your beach blanket.

It’s clear that if you were there hanging out with your guys friends you may be inclined to get your fair share of looks because let’s face it, EVERYONE likes to look at a beautiful bodies… man or woman.

How are you going to handle the situation?

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Men often struggle in situations where there are lots of beautiful women around and his eye might wander or check them out when he's with his girlfriend. How do you handle the situation? Which type of guy are you? If you want to learn how to get through these moment like a real attractive man would, make sure you read it all the way to the end.

Do you really have to be a jerk to attract women?

Can you just “be” or become an asshole and women will be drawn to you?

What about how good-looking you are, does that have something to do with it?

Meaning – if we imagine two guys, both are jerks to the same degree. Yet one is good-looking and the other is not. The second is borderline ugly.

Assuming  women do tend to go for the jerks over the nice guys, which guy will “get laid” more?

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Some men do contemplate becoming a jerk to attract more women but will that really work and does he have to be good-looking to make it work. To fully realize attraction we must consider all questions to find the real truth behind the assumptions we make about the nice guy, the jerks, his looks, the social circumstances, and types of women too.

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